Anarchy Bergara B-14R Handle/ Knob Combo

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Save money on this great combo that will make your Bergara B-14R feel like a brand new gun.

Bundle Includes

Anarchy angled bolt handle in Black or Stainless

Anarchy Little or Big Bertha Bolt Knob

You will not regret this upgrade.

Bergara B14 Rimfire Threaded Bolt Handle Upgrade

Our Bergara B14 Rimfire bolt handle was inspired by the first of its kind threaded bolt handle for the Tikka T1X. After testing and adjusting this bolt handle, we now have the finished product. If you liked our first adjustable bolt handle, you will love this one. 

While this bolt handle first catches the eye because of the knurling at the top, aesthetic appeal comes second to its other design features. With Bergara B14 Rimfire specs and 17-4 Stainless Steel construction, this bolt handle works like a dream. 

Bergara B14 Vs. Tikka T1X: Adjustable Bolt Handles

Like our adjustable Tikka T1X bolt handle, this bolt handle can rotate and clamp in place. However, there are some differences. 

Thread Pitch for Bergara B14

The Bergara B14 requires a different thread pitch. To meet the criteria, we adjusted this bolt handle pitch to match it. 

Bend Angle of the Bolt Handle  

The Bergara B14 bolt handle naturally lays closer to the trigger, which means the angle of the bend in the handle needed adjusting. As a result, the bend in this bolt handle isn't as far back as the original. 

Number of Handle Pieces 

The last difference between our Bergara B14 and Tikka T1X adjustable bolt handles are the number of pieces in the bolt handle. Unlike our first version, this bolt handle has two instead of three parts. 

We took the adaptor out of this version. This change helps improve the simplicity and function of the bolt handle.  

Why a Shooter Would Want an Adjustable Bolt Handle For Their Bergara 

While the natural position of the stock bolt handle on the Bergara affords good positioning, upgrading to our adjustable bolt handle provides a couple of benefits. These advantages include improved speed and consistency of groupings. When combined, these improvements make a drastic difference in the shooter's overall performance.  

The Need For Speed

The adjustability of this handle makes it possible for the shooter to make minor adjustments to the bolt knob position. When a bolt handle can adjust to the profile of the shooter, they can grasp the bolt knob with ease. 

This improvement makes racking the bolt a fluid motion, which shortens the intervals in between shots. When in a timed station at a competition, those few precious seconds could mean another hit before having to move on to the next station.

Improving Accuracy and Consistency 

Because the bolt handle can adjust to the shooter's preference, the gun doesn't move around as much when racking the bolt. The less the gun moves, the better, because it is more likely that the next shot will be close to the last, or the shooter can quickly adjust and take the shot without looking away from the scope.

Features of the Bergara B14 Bolt Handle 

  • Rotation and clamp feature

  • Knurling 

  • Dimensions: 2.94" x 0.5" x 0.34"

  • Weight: 1 oz

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Made in the USA

Add a Bolt Knob to Your Rig

Our Bergara B14 Rimfire bolt handle threads are compatible with any of our 5/16 X 24 TPI bolt knobs.

Little Bertha Bolt Knob by Anarchy Outdoors

The Little Bertha Bolt Knob, similar to the Big Bertha bolt knob, has an hourglass shape. The design of this bolt knob makes it more comfortable for individuals with regular or small hands. The diamond-shaped rivets enhanced the bolt knob's grip. 

It comes in a matte black, red, or polished titanium. Each option provides a sleek look, making it an excellent addition to your gun.

This smaller knob has two thread sizes; the standard 5/16x24 and the M6x1. The 5/16x24 works with all custom made anarchy handles. The M6x1 fits the CZ 457 and other similar model handles. 

Little Bertha Bolt Knob Features

  • The design allows for easy handling

  • Included Rivets allow for better grip

  • Two thread sizes allow for an increased range of bolt handle sizes  

Made in the USA

Big Bertha Bolt Knob by Anarchy Outdoors

If you have large hands, the Big Bertha is the bolt knob for you. This bolt knob allows our hulk shooters to grasp their bolt handle and move it with ease. 

The hourglass shape of this bolt knob increases dexterity for the shooter, and the diamond-shaped rivets increase grip. Those that like this design, but prefer a smaller bolt handle, should check out our Little Bertha Bolt Knob

We offer this bolt knob in matte black, red and polished titanium. Any of which would make a great addition to your rig. All you need to do is attach it to one of our many aftermarket bolt handles.  

Big Bertha Bolt Knob Features:

  • The design allows for easy handling
  • Included rivets allow for better grip
  • Compatible with all custom Anarchy Outdoors handle products. 

Made in the USA