Grey Ops Mini Gun Plate V2 & Armageddon bag combo

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Save some cash buying this great combo.

This package will include both the Grey Ops Mini Gun Plate V2 and Armageddon Gear grey ops pad specifically made for plate. 


Plate details:


  • Increase stability dramatically on barricade style positions
  • Wider surface area for bags to ride on


  • Machined from 6061 Aluminum and Hard Anodized
  • Mountable on any 1.5" ARCA rail
  • Low profile integral ARCA clamp
  • Cutouts on bottom for integrating optional brass "grippy" weights
  • Compatible with Armageddon gear mini pad bag
  • Ultralight weight 10.8 oz and 22.8 oz with brass weights installed
  •  Size 4.5" x 6.75"

Bag details:

The Mini Plate Pro Pad is designed to perfectly match up to the Gray Ops Mini Plate Pro. The Mini Plate Pro Pad provides the user a small, light and extremely stable shooting platform while keeping both hands on the rifle. The Mini Plate Pro Pad is the perfect solution for building a stable shooting position in a small opening where the Gamechanger is too tall. The user can easily adjust the amount and type of fill with the built in fill spout. The Mini Plate Pro Pad comes filled with the standard poly bead fill.




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    Great Combo

    Posted by Sovida T on Dec 7th 2021

    Snagged this up during the 2021 black friday sale and have had a chance to run it in practice and a local .22lr match. Great for rooftops, ladders, any kind of barricade where you have a flatter surface and maybe not a lot of clearance. (my tactical udder has issues in this area) It's a heavy fill (Sand) waxed canvas bag, and I don't think the mini plate needs further introduction, though this combo does not have the brass inserts. Not that you need them for .22lr work.