Area 419 “Universal” Improved Arca Rail (IAR) - A&J Sporting
Area 419 “Universal” Improved Arca Rail (IAR) - A&J Sporting
Area 419 “Universal” Improved Arca Rail (IAR) - A&J Sporting

Area 419

Area 419 “Universal” Improved Arca Rail (IAR)

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Area 419 is always looking for ways to improve existing products when we are not developing new technologies. With the rapid growth in popularity of full-length forend rails on precision rifles, we wanted to create an option that could be added to an existing rifle with little to no modification.

Introducing the “Universal” Improved Arca Rail (Technically RRS 1.5″ Dovetail Standard, as Arca Swiss is simply a brand who makes camera mounts with no real standards on dimensions)

– Rail is 14″ long giving you the entire length of the stock forend for attachments.  The best part is, it still only weighs in at a paltry 5.6oz
– Made to the RRS 1.5″ Dovetail Standard, so you can be sure lever clamps will work
– Serrated Barricade stop at the rear to make sure you don't run into your magazines and cause feeding issues.
– No sharp edges. Every corner is radiused, and every edge is chamfered on the machine. This takes longer to make, but it is the only right way.
– While designed with Manners Composite Stocks in mind, this rail accommodates a multitude of rifle and stock configurations that have an accessible front action screw and some sort of front attachment point(s).
– Spacers for rifle stocks with non-flat forends are coming soon (ie Manners T6).
– Designed to attach to the rifle up to 4 places for maximum strength and stability.
– Extends past the end of most rifle stocks, allowing a further forward bipod attachment, increasing stability.
– Proprietary Spigot mounting interface for future accessories. (ie Magnetospeed attachment, Night Vision Rail, etc)
– Type 3 Hard Coat anodized for additional durability.
– Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum
– Made in-house here in the USA from USA sourced Aluminum on USA made CNCs
– Rail comes with 2 Remington 700-style action screws of different lengths to fit the rail to the front action screw attachment point.
– A 3/4″ paddle bit and drill press may be required for installation of tee-nuts, depending on current rifle configuration.