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Huber 2 Stage Rem 700 Trigger

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U.S. Patents utilizing anti friction ball bearings and theory of physics/time and tactile physiology. Unlike other lever triggers that stack time, Huber Concepts uses higher order mathematics and considering the moments just prior to breaking the shot. Huber triggers are a two plate hanger cartridge embodying the trigger elements, sear, and internal redundant safety. Inspired for two stage as low as a 1 ½#, but capable of single stage as low as a ½#. Effect use of trigger amounts to three to four fold improvement to shot accuracy and with group size reduction by 50% from 100 yards to out beyond 2000 yards. Designed to improve the shooter proficiencies and discipline. Exceeds Tradoc, Form & Function durable for 100,000 shots, last shot as clean & smooth as the first. Remington OEM trigger-mounted lower bolt stop lever option available. Safeties available: RH, LH, Trigger-guard (Bottom). Triggers are shipped drop-in ready, to your selected stage, total pull weight, safety.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for lead time.

Better Shot Timing, Guaranteed

These triggers are custom Built-to-Order please note:

1. Safety Style
2. Remington OEM 700 Actions Bolt Stop is Required.
All other Actions please order No Bolt Stop
3. Trigger Total Pull Weight starting at 1.5 lbs.