Midas 1200y  Laser Range Finder - A&J Sporting
Midas 1200y  Laser Range Finder - A&J Sporting

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Midas 1200y Laser Range Finder

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The Athlon Optics Midas 1200y Laser Rangefinder is in a class of its own.   The Midas 1200 ranges quick and accurate from 5 to 1200 yards.  Whether shooting from steep elevations to flat ground, the Midas is capable of both with our angle compensation and line of sight modes.  The scan mode can quickly scans different objects for distances on the fly.   Bright display settings with fully multi-coated lenses deliver maximum light transmission while being housed in durable non slip rubber armor.  The Midas can display readings in either yards or meters depending on your hunting or shooting needs.  Finally the Midas comes with a protective carrying case as well as a protective wrap that allows you to use the laser while protecting it at the same time.

For specifications of each model, visit Athlons site: Athlon Midas Laser Rangefinders specifications