BMOD Suppressor Wrap

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This is the Basic Mirage Obstruction Device (BMOD) for mirage mitigation while shooting with suppressors. The wrap keeps you from burning yourself as well as reduces mirage off the suppressor as it heats up. Your suppressor heats up an average of 17 degrees each shot which can add up in a hurry. The hotter your suppressor gets, the more mirage that you will see. Mirage will distort your sight picture and make it hard to zero and shoot targets at long distance. The BMOD helps obstruct the mirage and allows you to take your suppressor off after shooting and even store it. This cover is rated to 400 degrees.

The shock cord system keeps the suppressor tight to the suppressor keeping it from flying off the front after you shoot it (I have seen it happen). The shock cord is easy to replace if it ever wears out. 

 The wrap is designed to be used with suppressors that are on precision weapons and with strings of fire consisting of 20-30 rounds over 10 minutes or more. 



    Inner Material: Carbon based textile

    Outer Shell: Canvas

    Strap: Nylon

    Shock Cord: 1/8"

    Thread: Nylon

    The suppressor wrap should always be kept folded together when not on the suppressor to prevent the shielding material from being ripped or frayed. While the material can withstand intense cannot withstand rough handling. It is best to keep it safely against your suppressor.

    The suppressor wrap is designed to stay on and stay tight, however, it is the buyers responsibility to ensure that the suppressor wrap is not sliding off. Suppressor wraps that are shot will not be replaced.

    The suppressor wrap is not designed for heavy rates of fire and therefore will not be replaced if it is melted. 

    The suppressor wrap will be able to be refunded/replaced only for manufacturer defects. 

  • All Suppressor Wraps are made to order, please allow a 30 day lead time. Lead time can change due to demand.