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Rauch Precision

Rauch Precision Tripd Sleeves

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Tripod Concealment Sleeves

The Rauch Precision Tripod Concealment Sleeves are a camouflage system made of 1000D Cordura with a no slip backing and lashed to the tripod leg with shock cord. They come with a 1" Loop Tape at the top for securing gear, patches or other items. These sleeves are meant to fit most 3 section tripods. The unique design camouflages the legs of the tripod while also allowing the shooter to insert vegetation into the shock cord that laces the sleeve together. The sleeves also help deaden the noise of aluminum tripods when they come in contact with other gear. The shock cord can serve other purposes such as holding a kestrel or data sheet. 


The sleeves currently come in Multicam and Kryptek Highlander.


 Length: 15"

Width: 3.5" (will fit around most tripod legs)

Fabric: 1000D Cordura

Shock Cord: 1/8"

Backing: Anti slip material