WCD 120 Round Ammo Carrier

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Introducing the Walsh Custom Defense Ammo Carrier. Gone are the days of toting around bulky bullet boxes and digging through your pack for ammo. Our low profile and compact ammo carrier securely holds up to 120 rounds and easily fits in a pack. Inside, 4 rigid panels house 120 elastic bullet loops in rows of 10. Located directly below each row of bullet loops, a pocket is provided to protect the tips of your bullets from being damaged. Each carrier is fitted with a nylon carry strap along the top edge, along with Velcro closure. A full width, 4” morale patch loop area is provided on the lower front panel for your favorite patches.

Each carrier is handcrafted in the USA using only the highest quality Milspec materials. Genuine Cordura 1000D fabric is used for the body of the carrier to ensure durabilty, while heavy duty nylon thread is used to ensure stitch strength. Your satisfaction is guaranteed !!!

Closed size: 7.5”x 11” x 2.75” fully loaded

Weight empty: 1 lb. 9 oz.