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Best in class tripod gun saddle / gun vise system designed specifically for hunting rifles. The FlexLite GunPOD for mounting guns on a tripods is like no other. The flexible conforming sidewalls rotate to match the taper of your stock. And the integrated Arca-rail tripod feature eliminates the need for a QR plate.  The FlexLite GunPOD is a break-through in gun vise technology.

The FlexLite GunPOD gun saddle for tripods is a whole new concept for a tripod gun vise.  The FlexLite GunPOD operates under the same concept as the FM-550 GunPOD - only different. The FlexLite is designed primarily for hunting vs. tactical.  It has flexible sidewalls and is very lightweight. It is ALL CNC machines AL and weighs only 12 oz. The other difference is even with having just one knob, the sidewalls automatically adjust to match the taper of your firearm. This greatly improves the gripping force and stability of your firearm on a tripod. The dual moving sidewalls maintains the center of gravity on tripod; which is critical for balancing heave weapons and to help maintain perfect vertical orientation for long distance shooting. The reversible knob can switch between left-hand and right-hand shooting.

Because the sidewalls are flexible, they also perform perfectly for gripping onto the barrel of binoculars; which are also tapered. This is a fantastic solution for holding binoculars not equiped with a 1/4-20 mounting hole needed for a tripod adapter such as Swarovski EL's, most Leica bino's, and electronic range finding bino's. 

Protective rubber pads clamp to the side of your gun or optic while a pair of picatinny spaced rubber pads will engage your guns base rail.  A 4" Arca rail is built directly into the center frame which eliminates the 
need for a separate QR plate when attaching to the tripod. This gives added reliability, lower cost, and less weight.  The FlexLite vise is CNC constructed from 6061-T6 AL alloy with stainless steel hardware right here  IN THE USA.   Color:  Brown/FDE.


  •   Flexible sidewalls (+/- 4 deg) automatically align to match the taper of your stock or optic.
  •   Dual moving sidewalls maintain perfect center of gravity on tripod.
  •   Tension knob can reverse for both left-hand and right-hand shooters.
  •   Soft recoil-absorbing bottom pads are designed with picatinny interface grooves for added control.
  •   Curved-in-top side pads provides stronger holding force for gripping rounded stocks and bino's.
  •   1.24"-2.5" clamping range.
  •   Mounts with integrated 4" arca-rail tripod interface and a ¼-20 mounting hole.
  •   12 oz.
  •   CNC 6061-T6 AL alloy construction.
  •   Color:  Brown/FDE.
  •   Made in the USA