Pop Can Challenge Targets

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Current $25 Gift Card Winners Successfully Completing Stage:

Andrew Krout       Stillwater NRL22 Shooters OK

Katlyn Burns         San Antonio Club             TX

Holden Perez         San Antonio Club             TX

Joey McConnel      TN Rimfire NRL                 TN

Daniel Talley          TN Rimfire NRL                 TN

Pop Can Challenge bonus .22 LR stage sponsored by A&J Sporting. This bonus stage was created to give .22lr matches a ready to use stage at 300 yards. If a shooter completes stage and is signed off with points recorded by MD shooter they will receive a $25 gift Certificate from A&J Sporting. MD's are welcome to use stage as often as they wish. All we ask is purchase targets from us to keep it a even playing field.Targets will be sized to a 12 oz can and made from 1/4" AR400 steel. To claim gift card please email us at sales@aandjsporting.com, include picture of match score showing successful completion. Pictures or video is always appreciated for promotional purposes. Most of all have fun and enjoy.