D-M Rimfire Pro Spinner

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Our latest rimfire spinner closely duplicates the action of a center fire spinner with standard .22 ammunition. This modular unit utilizes a center mount ball-bearing, changeable targets, adjustable leg system and AR500 construction. Can be spun well beyond 100yards. Target comes partially assembled with all necessary parts for easy assembly.



  • 4 pin together legs
  • 4 leg extensions
  • 8 pins
  • cross bar
  • bearing and hardware
  • spinner arm
  • 4" paddle
  • 3" paddle


We design our products with durability, reactivity and acoustics in mind. With our free hanging systems products can move and ring while still remaining engaged on the hanger. They can also be bolted to various other hanging systems, but it will dampen the movement and sound.


We also take convenience and ease of use into consideration when designing our hanging systems. Most of our hanger systems are tool-less and set up in minutes. Time is precious, so we don't want to waste your fiddling with bolts and wrenches.


Cut from AR500 Steel. AR500 steel provides the best mix of hardness to not crater and cause erratic ricochet patterns, while not being so hard as to become brittle.


This product is cut with a water table cooled plasma torch. Targets are cool to the touch right after being cut. After being cut smaller targets are tumbled, while larger targets are wire wheeled to remove dross. They are then quality checked for fit with our hanger systems and ready to be used. You can apply spray paint if desired.